AudienceDesigner by Semcasting (ADS)

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First-Party CRM onboarding to
and from IP addresses, devices,
GPS locations, IoT, timestamp,
and offline data.

Audience Builder

Segmentation and suppression with access to 
high-quality third-party data partners across all industries.

Audience Activation

Integrations with the major DSPs and SSPs for Programmatic display, CTV/OTT, social, native, display, audio, and direct mail.

Real-Time Measurement

Measure the effectiveness of your campaign in real-time, by knowing who you reached and who you did not.

Take Back Control of Your Data

Where Data Meets Precision and Privacy

Revolutionize Your Data Strategy with AudienceDesigner by Semcasting (ADS) - your comprehensive solution for managing data onboarding, audience creation, activation and real-time measurement. Embrace a secure, privacy-compliant and self-serve environment tailored to your marketing needs.

Cost-Efficient Data Onboarding

Enjoy lower data fees, because you are billed only when the data is used in your campaigns.

Access Rich Third-Party Data

From health professionals to retail shoppers to industry-specific decision-makers, our third-party data provides insights to a multitude of verticals.

Generate Leads from Unknown Site Visitors

Place an ADX Site Pixel to turn unknown site visitors to leads or audiences, or use it for measurement.

Real-Time Customer Profiles

Insight to your audience in real-time with accurate reach counts, fueled by high-quality demographic data.

Build the audience you want.

Utilize first-party Party Data onboarding with impressive 85% match rates, tailor and refine your segments to a precise match among over 8,000 third-party Party segments, effortlessly create look-alike audiences, and launch on major DSPs/Social Platforms the same day without costly trial and error.


Data Privacy Compliance & Control

Identity management and privacy compliance are not one-size-fits-all across every industry. The data compliance needs of healthcare and financial services with SOC2, SOC2 Plus, and GLBA are very different from those in retail, politics, or construction.

Our industry-specific public data compilation provides a unique, in-depth, domain-specific understanding of the needs in key industries such as healthcare, financial services, home services, travel, entertainment, retail and B2B. The privacy compliance mandates in these industries have been rigorously adhered to. Our robust data compilation services and domain expertise provide marketers with a cleaner path to campaign planning and execution.

DSP/SSP Partners
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Unprecedented Match Rates

Say goodbye to cookie and universal ID limitations! ADS delivers an average match rate of 85-93% through our cutting-edge, cookieless identity graph. Activate campaigns the same day and monitor their progress in real-time using our ADS matchback processes.


Seamless Data Management

First-Party data onboarding in minutes with full transparency.
Know who you matched and who you did not.
Third-Party data enhancement for precise segmentation.
Lookalike modeling to create audience extensions for your existing customers.
Direct campaign deployment to the major DSPs, SSPs or social platforms. 
Measure the performance of your campaigns combining impressions, footfall traffic and sales data.


A Secure, Clean Room Environment

Safeguard your data with our data retention and no universal ID sharing exposure.
Block data leakage and misuse while still achieving high match rates.

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Omni-Channel Match Keys

Our platform supports a multitude of identifiers, from mobile and IP to HEM, Postal, CTV, and DSP IDs, NPI Numbers, providing you with a holistic view of your audience.

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