IdentityXchange (IDX)

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Cookieless Workflow

Secure cookieless workflow that provides the tools for reach, activation and measurement.


Replaces black-box onboarding with next day file enhancement of first-party data.

Audience Activation

Directly onboard media platform IDs for self-directed campaign activation

Real-Time Measurement

Measure CTV and Cross-Platform ID exposures for omni-channel frequency capping

Where First-Party Data Control Meets Unparalleled Digital Reach

Your first-party data management is crucial for both privacy and market leverage. IDX by Semcasting offers an API identity graph solution that provides organizations with unparalleled flexibility and control of their data assets.

Automated, Scalable

IDX is an always-on API workflow automation solution that integrates with your marketing stack. The API can run hourly, daily, or weekly to enrich your data with digital IDs and third-party data.

Beyond Cookies

IDX utilizes patented constellation mapping to provide a cookieless alternative for pinpoint digital audience identification on display, social, mobile, and CTV platforms.

Diversity in Identifiers

Supports a wide range of identifiers – IPv4, IPv6; HEMS, GAID, IOS and CTV devices as well as over 30 DSP and SSP specific platform IDs, proprietary and custom platform identifiers such as NPI, Data Supplier IDs, and Brand level anonymous IDs.

Security Compliance

IDX meets or exceeds the standards for healthcare, pharma, politics and financial services with IAB, ANA, NAI, DAA, TrustArc, and SOC2 Type II with HITRUST certification.

Revolutionizing Data Management

Semcasting IdentityXchange (IDX) is an Identity resolution service that integrates media platform digital IDs matched and appended to the customer’s 1st party customer, prospect and campaign exposure data.

IDX puts the brand data owner back in control of their digital identifiers by appending IDs directly to the customer data to improve the flexibility and efficiency of media activation and measurement while lowering personnel overhead and costs.


IDX is ideal for Member Services, Loyalty Programs, and Subscriber Communications 



The Constellation Matching Method

Our proprietary process resolves digital identities across nearly 4 billion active identifiers, updated hourly within a secure clean room environment the same day.  

IDX doesn’t rely on a single identifier type, which maximizes reach and flexibility. Whether it's homes, businesses, GPS parcel data, hashed emails, mobile devices or DSP and SSP IDs, we ensure the most accurate match at the right time.


Unmatched Privacy and Security

IDX adheres to the industry's most stringent data protection standards, including IAB, ANA, NAI, DAA, TrustArc, and SOC2 Type II with HITRUST certification.

Semcasting Identity Graph


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Data Privacy Compliance & Control

Identity management and privacy compliance are not one-size-fits-all across every industry. The data compliance needs of healthcare and financial services with SOC2, SOC2 Plus, and GLBA are very different from those in retail, politics, or construction.

Our industry-specific public data compilation provides a unique, in-depth, domain-specific understanding of the needs in key industries such as healthcare, financial services, home services, travel, entertainment, retail and B2B The privacy compliance mandates in these industries have been rigorously adhered to. Our robust data compilation services and domain expertise provide marketers with a cleaner path to campaign planning and execution. 

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