Healthcare / Pharmaceuticals


Healthcare / Pharmaceuticals

Key Value: NPI Matching, HIPAA Compliance & Member Services Clean Room

The healthcare industry is challenged by the efficiency of public communication. With greater than 85% online engagement by plan participants, digital is a more cost-effective channel for reaching more customers and prospects than radio, television, or direct mail. Successfully executing online communication and marketing solutions like Member Services, Point of Care (POC), Healthcare Provider Targeting, Clinical Trial Support, or Pharmaceutical requires full privacy compliance, superior user coverage and complete transparency into those being reached.



Privacy and Compliance

A primary driver in healthcare marketing, Semcasting has made significant investments to ensure that each step in our first-party onboarding and audience design process conforms to the strictest compliance measures as advised by HIPAA. We manage all customer data in a clean room and work with select healthcare specific privacy providers – including Datavant and PurpleLab – who tokenize all patient data for compliance. All required anonymization and generalization of personal identifiers at a geographic level are compliant. It is not possible to re-identify a person or household.


Point Of Care (POC)
Targeting on WiFi is a cost-effective way of prompting a conversation between a patient and their physician. Communicating with patients within specific HCP offices is opt-in and privacy-compliant. We were recognized as a 2019 PM360 Innovative product – we invented this process to enhance patient / physician communication. As post-COVID demand for treatments increase, this solution is very effective in reaching the right people, with the right message, when they are in the right mindset.



Member Services Marketing
Cleanroom Marketing is a core competency of Semcasting. Our ability to manage PHI files from health insurers means we can work directly with member-level data. By carrying a SOC 2 Type II certification, we have the necessary procedures in place to receive, analyze and load files of existing members. Whether it is for medication adherence, member benefits, flu shot adoptions, patient portal apps or pharmacy mail-orders – the cost savings from marketing directly to members with digital channels can be dramatic. Member Communication is more effective and affordable when it can be executed online.


Clinical Trial Marketing
Our audience design solutions provide advanced targeting to craft specific-patient audiences for clinical trial recruitment, new therapies and general treatment options. We proactively develop audience solutions that follow HIPAA guidelines and are audited and certified as compliant. We have safely compiled data on care providers, patient specific conditions, treatments, prescriptions and health insurance coverage.


Healthcare Provider Marketing  Matching
We can provide the data to construct specialty marketing and match National Provider Identifiers (NPIs) to target physicians for campaigns. We inform marketers who will be targeted before and who was reached after the campaign.


Pharmaceutical Treatment Marketing
Audiences are chosen by care provider organizations and the pharmaceutical companies due to specific treatment and prescribing habits. We provide HCP and patient reach with transparency.  With this transparency the scale of the campaign can be metered to increase or decrease ensuring every target is reached.



Target Physicians and Caregivers at home
Reaching physicians at home when they are not seeing patients is an impactful time to grab their attention. This high-value advertising is difficult to replicate and is proven to be the most effective method to reach decision-makers. We can serve this audience high-impact media such as mobile, display on their home networks and Connected TV (CTV), and identify which HCPs are being reached and those who were not both before and after the campaign.


New Member Acquisition & Open Enrollment
Partnering with healthcare organizations in our clean room environment we have access to data on current members. New member populations can deliver dramatically higher ROI for programs by not wasting media dollars on current customers.  Open Enrollment Account-Based Marketing.  Using employee-based title (EBT) targeting we can support specific messaging during open enrollment windows to decision-makers in a business and to consumers. We can report on a company-level who we reached and who we have not.


Conference Targeting for HCPs
Medical conferences and events specifically identified for healthcare providers are another key communications vehicle for pharmaceutical and health organizations. Before the pandemic, we did a large amount of event targeting work for clients and we are seeing an appetite for these events pick back up.


Identifying Chief Procurement Officers and other Key Healthcare titles
The ability to target healthcare workers by title is an important advantage for marketers. ADS provides access to curated audiences of hospital group procurement officers, C-Suites at hospitals, physicians by specialties, recruiting nurses, etc., allowing marketers to target qualified targets at work and at home.


Medical Devices Manufacturing Support
With access to key healthcare decision-makers at work and at home, device manufacturers have an major advantage to inform the market of their solution with always on campaigns to both operators and hospital group decision-makers.

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