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AudienceDesigner by Semcasting (ADS) was designed to provide a completely self-serve audience-building environment to manage first-party data onboarding, third-party data, lookalike modeling, audience design, segmentation, deployment, and attribution.


Higher Activated Match Rates

85% activated match rates,  2x better than industry norm


Launch Campaigns in Minutes

Same day time-to-market with full transparency


Identity Resolution Leader

Multiple IR patents for IP,
Device, IoT, and Contextual

Why Do Industry Leaders Choose ADS?

Higher Match Rates & Quick to Market - AudienceDesigner supports CRM or list onboarding from virtually any data type, including emails, phones, location, device IDs, and postal addresses for people-based matching. Campaigns go live in hours, rather than weeks and with an 85% average match rate.

Power of Data - The demographic, psychographic, and transactional attributes of individuals, businesses, and devices are the DNA of any audience. AudienceDesigner's look-alike modeling and audience optimization technology utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence to refine an audience’s performance for every campaign.

Prove Your Marketing Works -  AudienceDesigner Attribution and Matchback process is deterministic and on-demand. Connect your ad impressions, clicks, abandoned forms, and in-store traffic to CRM audiences, online purchases, and offline transactions. Measure the effectiveness of each audience for every marketing campaign on any media-buying platform in real time.

Build the audience you want

Onboard 1st Party Data with 85% match rates, design and optimize your segments to an exact fit with over 8,000 3rd Party segments, create look-alikes on the fly, deploy the same day to major DSPs/Social Platforms with no more costly trial and error.


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Within 48 hours, the Audience Designer team will reach out for a demo of the platform. 


Receive Credentials

Provide login credentials, assign the main POC for ongoing service, and schedule initial hands-on training sessions and support.


Take back control of your data.

Lightning-fast self-service identity resolution, audience design, & attribution in one self-serve platform.

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