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Offline and Online Transparency Touchpoints

Results, and the path that a consumer takes to a purchase, need to be measured in order to replicate success to a broader audience.  Each B2C or B2B opportunity can touch many channels along the way.

Transparency to the touchpoints of an offline and online consumer transaction — those users who saw an online ad, went to a website, clicked a link, converted online, got a direct mail piece, or visited a retail location — are all key touchpoints along the path to purchase.  Layer the identity and profile of the user onto each touchpoint, and you have the makings of a true algorithmic approach for optimization.

Now that over 50% of online activity is mobile, the necessity of connecting offline to online is an economic imperative that can’t be denied.  The ability to deterministically link mobile to home, business networks, and trade areas for in-store and service provider activity is a baseline requirement for effective measurement of the channel.  The linkage of cross-device and cross-location identity barriers is the objective of our Mobile Footprints technology.

Semcasting Mobile Footprints™ identifies the mobile connections consumers make on over 300 million devices each day.  Smart Phone access to carriers and Wi-Fi networks are linked to the home ISP and business networks. A unique user ID and location for every device is systemically updated through daily refreshes.

Mobile Footprints maintains an analytic history in order to profile the home, business, and commercial footprints of a persistent connection that supports the consumer and business profiles of users —whether they are in the store on a mobile device, on home WiFi connections, or on a business network. Attributes such as time of day, day of week, and media consumption preferences can also be integrated into your mission critical campaign analysis.

A unique user ID provides the ability to deterministically measure effectiveness of online ad impressions or offline marketing outreach that leads to an online or store visit.

Mobile Footprints’ household audience targeting, business audience targeting, and attribution are made by leveraging our twice-patented Smart Zones technology, providing transparent offline-online linkage to over 250 million consumers, 140 million households, and 23 million businesses.

For more information on Semcasting Mobile Footprints™, download the product overview.

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