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The ABM - B2B Challenge

The largest untapped resource for lead generation is the corporate website.  Prospects provide ample indication of interest, but remain unidentified because they don’t download content or fill out a contact form, leaving the corporation in the dark to qualified leads on their site.

How many times have you asked your marketing department, "Who is visiting our website and how can we do a better job reaching them?”  Over the last several months we have worked hard to productize the Semcasting Universal ID*.  This means the digital activity on your website can now be turned into actionable leads - immediately.  Simply put:

UDX-LeadsTM converts website traffic into names, addresses, emails and phone numbers.

UDX-Leads fills the "Top-of-the-Funnel" at scale for Account-Based Marketing solutions.  It finds prospects for retailers and dealerships.  It identifies the “unknown visitors” for online publishers, and it generates B2B leads ready to call.  UDX-Leads even identifies key competitors and potential partners.

Account-Based Application of UDX-Leads:
An international marketing and data analytics company signed up for UDX-Leads to turn anonymous website visitors into names, addresses, and phone numbers of businesses that the sales team can follow up with. Delivered the next day, filtered by target industries and scored with a confidence factor match, new leads were prioritized among sales reps and call center staff.

ONE DAY of UDX-Leads produced:

  • 7,228 page visits
  • 4,528 matched unique IPs
  • 461 new named leads

Why UDX-Leads
Every site owner and organization will value knowing (not just guessing) who is visiting their website.

For a modest monthly subscription fee, UDX-Leads generates leads every day and delivers those leads by email and as a list ready to deploy by mail, email or phone.
I encourage you to check it out at www.UDXLeads.com or reach out to set up a demo at udxdemo@semcasting.com.

More information can be found below:

Download the UDX-Leads Datasheet
Download the UDX-Leads Email Reference Guide
Watch the UDX-Leads Demo Video


*For those unfamiliar with the Semcasting Universal ID, it is a patented matching technology that supports the linkage of digital behaviors to physical address and locations - in both directions.  It does this without setting cookies or following a user online.
UDX-Leads rigorously adheres to privacy standards.  Operating in a secure cloud environment, UDX-Leads provides site traffic access only to owners of each site.  Web site visitors can opt-out of data collection per the privacy policy on each site - the same policy that is in place today if you follow IAB Guidelines.  UDX-Leads produces a publicly available mailing list that follows DMA and FTC guidelines for Do-Not-Mail and Do-Not-Call.
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