Digital Membership Services for Brands and Marketers

With the legacy underpinnings of digital advertising under siege, brands and agencies need new ways to confirm audience member reach, frequency cap across platforms, and validate user engagement so that budgets can be spent more efficiently on high-value customers and prospects.

Real-time, cross-platform, in-campaign measurement that leverages first-party member and prospect data is now here.

Member Services

Paramount to the success of many brand campaigns is the ability to nurture new business from known customers.   AudienceDesigner by Semcasting (ADS) has normalized the onboarding process across platforms.  Brands can transparently identify and reach existing CRM members and prospects independent of the platform – before, during, and after a campaign has been executed.

Being able to identify exactly who has seen a piece of creative media, how often, and on which platforms will improve communication and empower a marketer’s ability to optimize their omnichannel media budgeting and messaging.  

Real-Time Member Service Marketing with AudienceDesigner creates a multiplier effect in messaging efficiency, and cost-savings opportunities and provides the ability for marketers to optimize their member outreach like never before.

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