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5 min read

What are the Best Practices for Using Alternative IDs?

As the industry moves away from the use of third-party tracking cookies, there are several solutions taking shape to...
2 min read

Semcasting Launches Real-Time Voter Measurement Feature in AudienceDesigner for Political Advertisers

RTVM Optimizes Targeting with Real-Time Insight into Exactly Who Was Reached and Who Was Not Across Platforms North...
1 min read

Ad Saturation Is the Symptom, Not the Disease

A new solution rolling out for political marketers next week aims to cure the disease that causes digital ad...
1 min read

Semcasting Media Zones Awarded Patent

NORTH ANDOVER, Mass. — Semcasting, the pioneer in cookieless targeting and identity graph solutions, today announced it...
3 min read

Insights From eTourism Summit's First Timer Attendees Lunch

While at the eTourism Summit 2024 in Las Vegas, Semcasting had the honor of hosting The First Timers’ Lunch, led by...
2 min read

Rail and Bus Travel: The Hidden Treasure for Travel Marketers

As summer approaches, the travel industry is expecting a significant increase in the volume of travelers. While the...
2 min read

Targeted Transparency: Enhancing the Overview  of Campaign Performance

This year, the U.S. political advertising market is projected to reach $16 billion, increasing over 30% compared to...
2 min read

Revolutionize B2B Marketing with Advanced ABM Strategies & Measurement

B2B Marketing B2B marketers have a number of considerations to factor into their advertising outreach. They must factor...

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