Partnering with Semcasting for Your Digital Audience Targeting Includes:

Semcasting clients are using Smart Zones’ cutting-edge marketing technologies to achieve more effective digital advertising campaigns with nearly 100 percent reach.

Actionable Data Onboarding

Smart Zones IP Targeting

Smart Zones® IP Targeting is a full service audience management platform for marketers who need to accurately target prospects at their digital delivery points online.

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Contextual Targeting and Campaign Optimization

Mobile Cross-Device IP Targeting

Semcasting Mobile Footprints provides one-to-one Person-Based Mobile targeting to any audience whether they are connected to Wi-Fi or nationwide carrier-based networks.

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Attribution with IP Targeting

With Smart Zones IP Attribution we assign a persistent ID to the IP address in the match process so that we can prove performance through the delivery of impressions, a click-through, website visits and even an in-store purchase.

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Look-Alike Modeling and First-Party Data Activation

Big Data & Analytics

Big Data and analytics are at the core of our business. Our patented automated predictive modeling platform is used to build over 750 data elements for every U.S. household and business. Our patented Smart Zones technology identifies the ISP delivery points of over 1.8 billion IP addresses, linking households, neighborhoods, schools, governments and businesses to audiences, websites and devices.

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