Reach nearly 100 percent of key decision makers and influencers at more than 23 million businesses across the U.S. and Canada.

Through our audience IP targeting platform, Smart Zones, we provide account-based marketing coverage of over 62 million Business Zones, 28 million domains, and 20 million business leaders at home. Semcasting is able to match and reach more businesses and locations than any other B2B online targeting solution.

The Proof Is in the Numbers

Account-Based Marketing: Over 23 Million Businesses

Reach more U.S. and Canadian businesses across multiple devices, from the Fortune 100 to the SMB — many of which can be targeted via IP’s at a rooftop level.

Actionable Data for B2B Audiences

Offline data attributes for B2B audience targeting selections or customer data matching include company name, location, domain name, revenue, SIC code, NAICS code, and employee count.

Reach Business Owners and Operators at Home

Customize your B2B online campaigns to more than 20 million professionals, such as attorneys, doctors and accountants, who may be more likely to engage with advertising and make financial or organizational decisions in their off-hours at home.

Smart Zones Data Activation

The issue facing B2B agencies and brands today is that cookie-based targeting is no longer a reliable way to target customers. To reach the right audiences, marketers must embrace IP targeting. Semcasting’s audience IP targeting solution, Smart Zones, allows you to do just that. Using actionable data, marketers qualify B2B audiences with greater accuracy and increased unique user reach.

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Smart Zones Industry Overview

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