Semcasting’s coverage, proprietary affluence and financial data helps identify and reach nearly 100 percent of qualified customer households on the devices they prefer.

Whether you are promoting checking accounts or high net worth advisory services, identifying the right audience for financial services marketing is critical. Semcasting’s affluence data suite allows qualification at scale to over 125 million households through discretionary income, net worth, and Invitation to Apply (ITA) Index scoring. In combination with our patented Smart Zones IP targeting, customers are identified and targeted across various devices, channels, and locations.

The Proof Is in the Numbers

Over 265 Million Individuals, 125 Million Households, and 295 Million Unique Mobile Devices per Month

Reach three times the number of unique users in the U.S. and Canada with full transparency to their life stage and financial profile.

Actionable Data for Custom Financial Audiences

Whether it is a particular type of mortgage, line of credit, or an annuity offer for the top one percent of households, Smart Zones provides customized audiences based on proprietary affluence data and patented predictive modeling technology.

Financial Services Marketing by Life Stage

Targeting an audience to meet potential life stage changes such as a change in employment status, mortgage refinancing, educational tuition expenses, or retirement is achievable at scale with Smart Zones.

Smart Zones Data Activation

The issue facing agencies and brands in the Financial Services industry today is that cookie-based targeting is no longer a reliable way to target customers. To reach the right audiences, marketers must embrace IP targeting. Semcasting’s audience IP targeting solution, Smart Zones, allows you to do just that. Using actionable data, marketers qualify Financial Services audiences with greater accuracy and increased unique user reach.

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Smart Zones Industry Overview

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