Unique User Reach, Transparency and Time-to-Market.

The battle for the retail consumer is no longer just about storefronts. The retail buyer is spending less time in brick-and-mortar stores and more time shopping online. Smart Zones IP targeting enables retailers to stay in front of consumer by being present when they initiate their online research and deliver targeted messaging when they shop and buy. Smart Zones qualifies consumers based on known buyers and buying signals and delivers custom-tailored messaging across devices. We match website visits back to targeted audiences and offline consumer profiles.

People-based IP-Audience Targeting at home, at work, and the locations where your customers transact.


Smart Zones Data Activation

Reaching the Retail Consumer at Scale

A key challenge of retail marketing can be figuring out which marketing tactic is working. With Smart Zones IP Targeting you have access to an omni-channel audience where there is nearly 85% match rates across the channels and devices that a customer uses. We cover more than 254 million individuals, 145 million households, and over 400 million unique mobile and connected devices per month, including connected TV and radio.

Actionable Data Onboarding

Turn Your Website into a Lead Generation Asset

In retail the organization’s website is a core asset. Virtually all of your marketing efforts are designed to drive customers to your website. Unless the user fills out a form or buys something from the site – that user is lost. The SmartTarget leads Retail solution leverages current marketing investments to automatically identify website visits at a page level by onboarding prospects to the retailer’s CRM platform or Inbox.

Profile Reports with Actionable Offline Data

Attribution: Optimizing Your Audience

Attribution has been the promise of online advertising for years. With Smart Zones IP targeting the promise of an automated deterministic attribution is now available. With SmartTarget Attribution we report whether the audience you intended to target online actually saw an impression. We can report whether the clicker on the site actual made a purchase. And we can report whether the buyer in the storefront also went to your website.

Tourism Use Case

Smart Zones Industry Overview

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