While consumers continue to shop retail nearly every day, many are spending less time in brick-and-mortar stores. With digital sales and mobile engagement on the rise, marketers need to focus outreach to qualified consumers across devices.

The two anchor principles of retail marketing are matching the relevancy of your product or service to the buyer, and then reaching them when they are ready to transact. Semcasting’s IP targeting solution, Smart Zones, enables you to stay in front of consumer by being present when they initiate their research and being readily accessible when they are prepared to shop and buy. Smart Zones allows you to qualify consumers though actionable marketing intelligence based on other known buyers and buying patterns, deliver custom-tailored messaging across devices, and match website visits back to targeted audiences and offline consumer profiles.

The Proof Is in the Numbers

Over 265 Million Individuals, 125 Million Households, and 295 Million Unique Mobile Devices per Month

Connect your advertising to any online retail consumer wherever they are online, reaching them at home, at work, and across 295 million mobile devices.

Retail Consumer Look-Alike Modeling

Identify look-alike audiences based on past customers using Semcasting’s patented predictive modeling technology, leveraging hundreds of actionable data variables including core demographics and affluence indicators.

Digital Attribution for Campaign Matchback and Profiling

Identify website visitors using Site Visitor Attribution and link them back to targeted audiences, advertising impressions, and consumer profiles.

Smart Zones Data Activation

The issue facing agencies and brands in the Retail industry today is that cookie-based targeting is no longer a reliable way to target customers. To reach the right audiences, marketers must embrace IP targeting. Semcasting’s audience IP targeting solution, Smart Zones, allows you to do just that. Using actionable data, marketers qualify Retail audiences with greater accuracy and increased unique user reach.

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