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Higher Activated Match Rates

Get Higher Activated Match Rates

Consistently > 85% activated, 2X better than industry norm

Higher Activated Match Rates

Launch Campaigns in Minutes

Same day time-to-market with full transparency.

Build the audience you want

Onboard 1st Party Data with 85% match rates, design and optimize your segments to an exact fit with over 8,000 3rd Party segments, create look-alikes on the fly, deploy the same day to major DSPs/Social Platforms with no more costly trial and error.

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Take back control of your data.

Lightning fast self-service identity resolution, audience design, & attribution in one self-serve platform.
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Deploy on your DSP of choice

Deploy custom segments on your DSP of choice within one business day. We’re ready when you are!

Gain access to nearly all US & Canadian households

Activate’s 3-time patented technology powers Identity Resolution to networks and devices, enhancing CRM files, emails, locations, or IP log files with thousands of attributes per record. Activate empowers network, location and cross-device reach across programmatic, TV, social, native, display, audio, direct mail, and beyond.

Omnichannel Identity Graph Includes

265 Million Real People

132 Million Households

21 Million Businesses

4.2 Billion IP Addresses

365 Million Active Mobile Devices

28.6 Billion Retail POI Engagements

40 Million CTV Devices

220 Million Property Parcels

Why Do Industry Leaders Choose Activate?

Higher Match Rates & Quick to Market

Activate supports CRM or list onboarding from virtually any data type, including emails, phones, location, device IDs, and postal addresses for people-based matching. Campaigns go live in hours, rather than weeks, with an 85% average match rate.

Power of Data

The demographic, psychographic, and transactional attributes of individuals, businesses, and devices are the DNA of any audience. Activates's look-alike modeling and audience optimization technology utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to refine an audience’s performance for every campaign.

Prove Your Marketing Works

The Activate Attribution and Matchback process is deterministic and on-demand. Connect your ad impressions, clicks, abandoned forms, and in-store traffic to CRM audiences, online purchases, and offline transactions. Measure the effectiveness of each audience for every marketing campaign on any media-buying platform in real time.

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Keep your Data Safe

Your data safety and privacy law compliance is our priority.

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Within 48 hours, the Activate team will reach out for a demo of the platform.

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